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Aarti B Jethmalani, is a Leading Graphologist, Vastu Consultant, Numerologist, Palmist & Astrologer

What is Astrology?

     Astrology is an exact science like physics or chemistry. In fact it is a divine science which has come to us as a gift from the Gods. In ancient India our sages had a divine eye(Divya Drishti) by which they could see the movements of planets & their effects on human beings.

    Astrology is a branch of veda with the aid of which it is possible to know about all the past and future events by considering the position of lagna and the planets at the time of putting a query.

   Though when our country lost its independence there was a kind of black out of this divine science; but the science did not die & went on flourising & we now see today that expect those who just for the sake of saying that astrology is a great bluff, there is hardly any body who does not believe in this science & seek its assistance, particularly when he is in distress.

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