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Aarti B Jethmalani, is a Leading Graphologist, Vastu Consultant, Numerologist, Palmist & Astrologer

Numerology is a science of Numbers. It is an old Vedic Science. We are all governed by numbers from Date of Birth to Mobile number, Car number, House number, Bank A/c Number, even the Name of a person or Company name is also a number, as each alphabet represents a number.
As Shakespeare has said “What’s in the name?” but according to numerology there is a lot in the Name. 
Numerology deals with bringing the Name numbers to a more harmonious number by adding or deleting the alphabets in your name, surname or middle name for smooth sailing in life.
  • Personal Name Correction.
  • New born baby names.
  • Business Name correction.  
  • Personal Characteristics, future Predictions,  Health, Wealth, Lucky Numbers, colours, days, period, crystals, gemstones, simple remedies etc.
  • Business Card Design: Business Card is an important means of communication, it’s an extension of oneself which acts as a stepping stone to success. We may not be personally travelling everywhere but our business card does. The right placement of details like mobile number, firm name, personal name, email-Id, address, colour, logo, all promotes Business growth.
  • Logo Designing: Your Business logo defines your success or failure. We design your logo based on Graphology & Numerology which is definitely much more powerful than a logo designed by graphic designer.
We teach NUMEROLOGY (classes & coaching), the amazing science which can change the life of people and boost their carrier and life graphs.

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