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Aarti B Jethmalani, is a Leading Graphologist, Vastu Consultant, Numerologist, Palmist & Astrologer

What is Crystal?

Crystals grow in the earth's crust over millions of years. Because all gemstones come from mother earth, each one is naturally, fully charged with her powerful energies. Since the earth is 4.6 Billions years olds. It is possible that through erosion, wind, water and all the other forces of Nature the small stone you wear or carry for healing may be billions of years old. Having a crystal on you or within your electromagnetic field(3 feet surronding you), raises your vibrational Levels.

Advantages of Crystals

Crystal have properties that facilities healing. It words off illness and negative energy. During the treatment session a crystal healer places various stones or crystals on and around your body. Crystal healing also involves the use of crystals and stones worm on the body or placed under pillow to word off sickness, shad negativity energy or absorb positive energy. In other words people may feel better after wearing crystal or undergoing crystal healing treatment. Crystal healers is an alternative medical technique in which crystals are used to cure aliments and project against diseases, based on the belief that crystals allows positive energy to flow into body and negative diseases causing energy to FLOW OUT. The most important thing one should keep in mind is that every now and then your crystal should be cleansed so therby it is recharged with every crystal purchase one should use proper programming technique.

Service Provided:

1) Crystal Healing.
2)  Sell Different Types of Crystals.

2) Courses Conducted:

1) Crystal Healing.
2) Crystal Predictions.
3) Chakara Balancing.

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