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Aarti B Jethmalani, is a Leading Graphologist, Vastu Consultant, Numerologist, Palmist & Astrologer

Customer Reviews

1 Sunil Kohli 20:25 @ 08th June 2017
I got the Vastu of my house & office done from her, after that i find lot of positive change in my personal & professional life . Thanks you Mam...
2 Sunita Patil 20:08 @ 21st March 2017
I got my house VASTU-CORRECTION done from her, after that there had been a drastic change in my life, i feel very positive, i am very thankful to her.
3 Laxmikant Sharma 12:00 @ 20th February 2017
I got my Son's NAME-CORRECTION done from her and now very happy about his progress ...i got my house VASTU done from lot of positively in my house...thanks
4 Swati Kulkarni 12:00 @ 19th February 2017
I learnt VASTU from her.She has knowledge in depth...excellent
98*****789 Swa*****
5 Sangeeta Panchal 02nd February 2017
I learnt NUMEROLOGY from her & really very satisfied....she is very clear & open in talk...i really liked her...she has knowledge in depth. I getting my house VASTU done from her.
75*****469 sang*****
6 Pankaj Shah 10th December 2016
I had taken VASTU CONSULTATION from her & now I really find my house very positive & there is noticeable change in my life. Really obliged
97*****036 arti*****
7 Prasad Phadnis 10th December 2016
I learnt TAROT from her & really satisfied with her teaching. I even taken consultation from her & there is drastic change in me, very grateful to her.....
8 Sabiha Khan 17th November 2016
I Learned TAROT from her & very satisfied. I came all the way from INDOR yo learn from her & I liked so much that I am going to join for the next subject also.. She is just EXCELLENT.. Keep it up
97*****256 vars*****
9 Urvashi Mehta 23rd September 2016
Wonderful teacher, have been learning Graphology, Numerology, Vastu and Tarot. I started my practice for all the above mentioned subjects and believe me, I am doing miracles. You have changed my life and I am very happy and satisfied with the teachings. Thank you and God bless you Aartiji!!!!!!
10 Karishma 24th June 2016
I learnt GRAPHOLOGY from her, very satisfied. Now I changed my signature & few of my alphabets and found tremendous change in myself.. Thanks for teaching me so well. I am really obliged.
11 Jatin Contractor 06th June 2016
I did my house VASTU from her & very satisfied as I found lot of change in my attitude. I got TAROT, NUMEROLOGY, GRAPHOLOGY done from her and I am really satisfied with all.
12 Rakesh Pathak 28th May 2016
I got my NAME & SIGNATURE CORRECTION from her and got tremendous result. I am very happy with the positive change I got in me, thank you Aartiji. My best wishes are always with you and I am going to contact her for my house vastu also and I am very positive about her.
13 Shikha Khandelwal 30th April 2016
I learned tarot from her & really very happy as got new ideas. Really thankful to her and now planning to learn from her all the things. She is too good and I got my house VASTU done from her and got fantastic result. God bless her!!!!
14 Snehal Athyle 12th April 2016
I consulted her for NUMEROLOGY & got fantastic result, changed my name spelling & done my house VASTU. NOW I FEEL VERY POSITIVE IN MY HOUSE. Thanks a lot Madam
15 Gandhali Situt 25th October 2015
I got my house VASTU done from her, really satisfied , got lot of positive effect after doing vastu from her. She is too Good. Now I am learning lVASTU & GRAPHOLOGY from her & really satisfied. God bless her...
16 Shubh Kamth 01st August 2015
I learnt TAROT from her & really very satisfied. She is too good, God bless her. I am also going to learn other subjects from her. thanks MAM , I am really influenced by you very much.
17 Vincent Panangadon 12th July 2015
This was an excellent way of learning. One on one session is very helpful in understanding the course better. Also attention and pace of learning is maintained as per your understanding levels. Will definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested.
18 Deesha Shah 09th July 2015
I learned tarot from her and really found very interesting. The way she explained was very good and I really appreciate her ways. Thanks.
19 Charmi Mody 09th July 2015
I consulted her for GRAPHOLOGY and VASTU and she is too good. She explained me very well and I am really thankful to her. I also learned these subjects from her and I am really satisfied. Please visit her if you want to change your life. Thanks mam.
20 Dimple Sirohiwal 05th June 2015
I learned tarot from her and liked her way of teaching. Now going to learn other subjects also and I am very much impressed. She got a very attractive personality and she is too good.
21 Reshu Kehtan 05th June 2015
I learned tarot and graphology from her and she is very good in explanation. Her knowledge is very deep about each subject and her prediction in tarot comes exact. I got my shop & house vastu done from her, believe me I got an excellent results. Thanks.
22 Gauri Sankhe 08th April 2015
I learned graphology from her and she is too good. Her explanation is very nice & she is very clear in explaining. Her notes are too good and it really helped me a lot. Thanks mam.
89*****596 vila*****
23 Vilasini Ghadge 19th March 2015
I learned Graphology from her and she is excellent. I am really happy with her and I even consulted her for vastu. I got excellent result and she is too good. I am really grateful to her.
24 Sonal 27th February 2015
I have taken consultation from her for numerology and vastu and got an awesome result. I got real peace of mind & happiness. Thanks a ton!!!!
25 Swapna Kulkarni 27th February 2015
I have done graphology and vastu from her and she is too good. I even took consultation from her & got an amazing results.
26 Purvi Rasal 17th February 2015
Learnt GRAPHOLOGY from her & very satisfied. She is too good. I really improved my personality. Thanks a lot
27 Prajakta Vedak 09th February 2015
I learnt GRAPHOLOGY from her. She is too good in explanation. I changed my alphabets & signature the way she taught & got excellent result. Thank you, Mam
28 Piyush Parab 27th December 2014
I learned Vastu from her and I made certain changes in my house on the basis of what she taught me & the result is excellent. Thanks.
99*****300 radh*****
29 Shrdha Vaidya 20th December 2014
Excellent result and I am really obliged.
97*****589 radh*****
30 Punam Kumari 16th December 2014
I learnt VASTU from her, she taught me in detail. One good thing about her is she is very open. She shares all her knowledge with her student. She is VERY INTELLIGENT, know her subjects very well.
99*****489 radh*****
31 Poonam Kokal 16th December 2014
I learnt GRAPHOLOGY, & NUMEROLOGY from her, got excellent result. I changed my name spelling & my signature. I found great change in me. I am more confident in my behavior & clear in my thinking. THANKS ARTIJI.
98*****222 radh*****
32 Shilpa Dani 10th December 2014
She is just EXCELLENT in all. Pl visit her once
96*****282 radh*****
33 Radhika Adikahru 09th December 2014
I learnt GRAPHOLOGY from her. SHE TAUGHT VERY WELL. I am really satisfied. She is excellent
34 Angana Shetty 04th December 2014
I learned Numerology from her and she gave me in depth knowledge about it. I even got my name spelling changed from her & by doing so I am getting amazing results. Now I am learning Vaastu from her. As I am buying a new house, I consulted mam for the same because her knowledge is vast & amazing. After meeting her my life is really changed. Thank you mam.
35 Hemali Nair 22nd November 2014
I learned GRAPHOLOGY & MIND POWER from her, both are very good courses & the way she teaches is really very good. I really changed myself after learning. She is very friendly & open. I really liked her attitude & nature.
36 Shirisha Chandrati 19th November 2014
I learnt TAROT from her. I use to travel all the way from chembur to kandivali, to learn from her, But I must say it was really worth. She taught so well that within short time I am able to do Tarot-reading of my own. I even got my house VAASTU done from her & the result is excellent. She is actually multi-talented. Before going to anybody else you should visit her once. She is too Good.
37 Gurjit Kaur 16th October 2014
I learnt TAROT from her. She teaches very well. Now I practice Tarot-reading & get good results.She even teaches many things along with Tarot. Before joining elsewhere you should visit her once.
98*****332 naya*****
38 Kalpana Iyer 16th October 2014
I learnt VASTU from her. She teaches very well. Her remedies are excellent. I applied in my house & got excellent result. Now I do vaastu of my own & got excellent results.
75*****803 naya*****
39 Puneet Pagariya 21st September 2014
It was really great workshop of VASTU ..
95*****531 geem*****
40 Hemalata Sharma 28th August 2014
I learnt CRYSTAL HEALING from her she is really excellent. My son had a problem, now I everyday give him crystal Healing & he is much better. Now I Am learning TAROT from her. She is too good in everything. Thank you Madam.
77*****168 geem*****
41 Manju Jaswal 22nd August 2014
I learnt GRAPHOLOGY from her & changed my alphabets & signature, got amazing results. I even consulted for VASTU and NUMEROLOGY very contented. Thank you Mam.
91*****332 geem*****
42 Kiran Shah 16th July 2014
I learnt TAROT from her. She taught me quite well. My all predictions are coming correct & I am really happy, above that my all customers are also satisfied with me. I am looking forward to learn GRAPHOLOGY & VASTU from her.
96*****622 geem*****
43 Sheetal Kher 14th July 2014
Myself SHEETAL KHER, Wife of KAILASH KHER I learnt CRYSTAL HEALING from her. She thought me very well. Her explanation is too good.. I even consulted her for VASTU, GRAPHOLOGY & NUMEROLOGY, and really benefited out of it. One must visit her before consulting anybody. Thank you Aarti madam ji. I am really obliged.
80*****249 geem*****
44 Dhara Mandal 16th June 2014
I am Interior Designer. I learnt VAASTU from her. Now i do my interior designing with vaastu, my all clients are very happy. & my business also has increased. Thanxs......
88*****592 geem*****
45 Ronald Dies 12th June 2014
I learnt VASTU, NUMEROLOGY, TAROT from her. She is excellent in all After learning I started my own consultation. She really supported me a lot. Thanks !!
99*****872 geem*****
46 Shryans Solanki 06th June 2014
I got my NAME SPELLING & SIGNATURE CORRECTION from her & got amazing results. Her all predictions were right. I really feel change in me. Thank you Mam.
47 Drgee 05th June 2014
Very Good
98*****273 geem*****
48 Yati Shah 24th May 2014
I learnt GRAPHOLOGY from her. Her explanation is very good. She uses very simple language, easy to understand, makes subject very simple. She is God gifted Teacher & Counselor. I really appreciate her efforts.
90*****333 geem*****
49 Mansi Morakia 16th May 2014
I learnt TAROT from her, she is just excellent. Her predictions are awesome. I am going to learn other subjects like VASTU, NUMEROLOGY, MIND POWER etc from her. She is too good.
97*****239 geem*****
50 Sheela Gautam 06th May 2014
I consulted her for GRAPHOLOGY & NUMEROLOGY changed my signature & Name spelling, got excellent result. After that I learnt GRAPHOLOGY & NUMEROLOGY from Her. She teaches very well. Thanks Mam for Changing my life...
80*****839 geem*****
51 Seema Bhargav 19th April 2014
I got my NAME SPELLING changed through Artiji. THE RESULT IS AWESOME. My life rally changed after that.. Thanks.
52 Mitushi Desai 19th April 2014
I learnt CRYSTAL HEALING from her. She is too good. I really liked the way she taught me. Thanks a lot.
53 Manisha Vora 14th April 2014
I have learnt NUMEROLOGY from Aarti Ma`am and I must say she is excellent. The remedies she has given according to numerology are just excellent. It really works. I have tried on my close ones, & THE RESULT S ARE AMAZING. Thank you mam.
54 Pritesh Nair 14th April 2014
I am hearing handicapped. I learnt GRAPHOLGY from her & really become confident, open minded & improved my communication skills. Thanks a lot madam. I AM REALLY OBLIGED.
99*****771 mitt*****
55 Amita Shenoy 14th April 2014
I learnt CRYSTAL HEALING & PREDICTION from her. Now I do of my own, & getting excellent results. Her notes are simple & easy to understand. Now I am going to learn TAROT from her .She is very humble & cooperative.
98*****102 mitt*****
56 Mita Shah 14th April 2014
I learnt GRAPHOLOGY from her. I changed my signature, and got mind blowing results. Then I learnt DRAWING ANALYSIS & COLOUR ANALYSIS which also helped me to solve my problems. Looking forward to learn many things from her.. She is really multi-talented.
57 Priti Agarwal 14th April 2014
I have learnt TAROT from her and I must say Aartiji`s experience, accuracy and deep knowledge is remarkable. In my life I was going through a bad period and SHE HAS REALLY GAVE ME COURAGE.. I am really thankful to her and will surely continue learning the other subjects from her.
58 Savita Kadoli 24th February 2014
I have done a course of VASTU from her. I myself a interior Designer, After learning i started practice also . I really got very good results. Thank you Artiji
59 Sonakshi Samant 24th February 2014
I learnt Vaastu from her. She is really Excellent I would suggest you to learn VAASTU from her. She is too good.
60 Prajakta Sinde 24th February 2014
I am a interior Designer. I Learnt VASTU from her. She taught very well. Now i practice interior designing with Vastu. I get many clients. Thank You Mam. I am really Obliged.
61 Rajeshwari Pedamkar 04th February 2014
62 Nitin Modi 03rd January 2014
I learnt VASTU from her. She is excellent. She teaches step-wise.Her notes are really helped me to understand vastu properly She helped me in my house vastu. I got very good results. THANK YOU MAM.
98*****203 md_f*****
63 Charm I Doshi 19th December 2013
I learnt GRAPHOLOGY from her. She is EXCELLENT. We are really satisfied with the way she teaches.. Thank you Mam.
98*****618 anus*****
64 Manali Gada 16th December 2013
I learnt TAROT, she is excellent. Now I am going to learn GRAPHOLOGY from her. She is awesome...
65 Anushka Kalsekar 16th December 2013
I really liked the way she taught me TAROT. She is excellent. She is very helpful even after I LEARNT she helps me a lot. Thanks mam.. I am really obliged.
99*****827 madh*****
66 Kavita Chuodry 13th December 2013
I learnt TAROT READING from her. She is excellent. Now I will be learning other subjects from her since she is amazing..
67 Roopal Zaveria 05th December 2013
I learnt Vaastu from her, she is excellent in teaching.. Her notes are detailed & self explaining. She even helped me in consultation. I am really obliged. Thanks Aarti ji
68 Vikhyati Patel 17th October 2013
I learnt from her GRAPHOLOGY, she is too good. I really liked the way she teaches. She teaches with heart. Gives true examples. Thank you Aartiji. I love you.
69 Aunshree Gupte 23rd June 2013
She is good in GRAPHOLOGY. I learnt from her & fully satisfied with her explanation & the way she teaches with real examples. She is just superb. Thank you Mam.
70 Shshil Naik 13th June 2013
90*****270 madh*****
71 Sandesh Selar 13th June 2013
I learnt VAASTU & CRYSTALS from her & i am really satisfied. I would suggest you to join her if you really want the worth of your money.
99*****704 madh*****
72 Madhvi Iyer 02nd June 2013
I learnt VASTU from here, she is excellent. Now I am learning NUMEROLOGY in that also I am very satisfied with here.
73 Varsha Mane 27th April 2013
Excellent in all her subjects.
74 Jesica D'souza 23rd April 2013
She is GREAT VAASTU EXPERT. Her vaastu tips are excellent, I got my house renovated according vaastu, & the result is awesome. TODAY I AM FINANCIALLY VERY STABLE. Thanks Madam. I am really greatful to you.
99*****628 kale*****
75 Sunita Rao 20th April 2013
I learnt from her VAASTU, NUMEROLOGY, GRAPHOLOGY, TAROT & CRYSTAL. I am practicing all this successfully & I am really happy with the results. She teaches all subjects well & in deep. Once you learn from her , you need not have to go to anybody. She is open & frank, & always ready to give knowledge.
76 Mansi Karnik 20th April 2013
Her NUMEROLOGY knowledge is just awesome .Madams report of Numerology helped me a lot to take Major decision of my life. Thanks madam, I will never forget you.
77 Sushant Kale 20th April 2013
Her TAROT READING is excellent. When I was going through a worst phase of my life Aarti madams tarot reading gave me a correct direction, she is a great lady. THANKS a lot , Aartiji.
78 Hemant Salvi 05th April 2013
Excellent. Great experience to learn from her.
79 Rekha Shah 05th April 2013
She is a light of my life. She really helped me to change my life. She is God for me. Every time when I wanted her guidance she is there to guide me.
80 Seema Balawani 05th April 2013
I could not believe the result I got on getting vastu done by her. She is amazing, with minor changes in our house I felt major changes in my life. I was going through a crisis, But today thanks to Aarti ji, I am better. Her remedies are easy to follow & Simple.
81 Ms Shreya 05th March 2013
Very Good
97*****897 shre*****
82 Ms Hetal 26th August 2012
81*****972 cute*****
83 Ms Sonal 21st June 2012
84 Jasmine Shah 29th March 2012
I learnt from her NUMEROLOGY,GRAPHOLOGY,TAROT-READING , VAASTU, CRYSTALS. She is a very good teacher, her explanation is excellent .Her knowledge about each subject is in depth. Looking for above subjects then she is the right person. You should visit her once, she conducts workshop with many companies as well as with Times Of India. Before joining anywhere else please check with her.
98*****182 jasm*****
85 Varsha Pamnani 31st January 2012
I have come all the way from Baroda to learn from her. I learnt handwriting & signature, Numerology, Tarot-reading, vaastu & crystal prediction & healing. I must say it was really awesome. I was very much impressed by her knowledge,& her way of explaining. She is very open in giving knowledge, she doesn`t hide anything from her student, she gives as much knowledge as possible, she is too GOOD. I think if learn anything from her you will never be disappointed.
92*****887 vhp_*****
86 Jasmine Shah 19th May 2011
The way of teaching is excellent, she has knowledge in depth. You should visit her at least once. She also knows tarot-reading,crystal healing & prediction, vastu & many more. She is multi-talented. She is too good.
95*****001 jasm*****

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